Musician and producer Timbaland is releasing a series of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) composed of pieces from his upcoming EP, Opera Noir.

The NFT Producer Mix Series is Timbaland’s first-ever collection of NFTs. Each song from the Opera Noir EP will have five to eight different NFTs, for a total of 50 – 90 digital collectibles per song. 

Critical to our industry is the ability to implement the same media rights protection we have in other formats such as streaming, with what we do now in NFTs. With Monegraph’s digital rights controls, we now have the intellectual protection needed to safely scale the issuance of NFTs across the music world.



Huge Names in the NFT World Have Contributed to Timbaland’s NFT Project

Jennifer and Kevin McCoy created the first NFT of the art world in 2014. It was later sold for $1.4 million.

These artistic geniuses are responsible for the accompanying artwork of Timbaland’s collection also. Moreover, it’s inspired by the ’70s and features music equipment from that era.

“The NFT phenomenon is deeply a part of the art world. It emerged from the long history of artists engaging with creative technology.

Kevin McCoy

It’s exciting to take our art and technology practice and partner with Timbaland to introduce this groundbreaking Music NFT collection. We are thrilled to respond to this music celebrating the origins of R&B with algorithmically driven visuals.

Kevin McCoy


Fans will have an opportunity to receive part of Timbaland’s collection for free. Big collectors of the Opera Noir NFTs will also be provided with an online mix board. This will allow them to create their own musical designs with Timbaland beats.

Music NFTs are now part of our business. They offer musicians a new way to express themselves and interact with fans.