American producer Talks about where he's been for a few years, about his experience a creative crisis about raising daughter and how now regains his strength.

During his long musical career, TIMBALAND has become an author and producer of the loud hits of MADONNA, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, BEYONCE, NELLY FURTADO, MISSY ELLIOTT, KATY PERRY and many other stars of the first magnitude. He is multiple winner of "GRAMMY" and successful hip-hop artist. In March, the musician visited Moscow, where he performed at the INTERNATIONAL MUSIC AWARDS BRAVOAnd he gave an exclusive interview, which frankly he told us about where he's been for a few years, and how did he 
overcome a creative crisis.

Tim, I follow your instagram and see a lot of photos and videos from the gym. You are seriously doing yourself and your form. And recently in one of the posts wrote: "the better I feel – the better my music." 

It is!

Is that your new motto?
Yes. Pay attention to the most successful people, their way of life. They look great, feel great, they are constantly make your body, your mind and your spirit to work. If you have a tidy mind, if you live in harmony with yourself, then everything will develop in the best way. Playing sports not only affect your appearance. Regular exercise disciplinary, harden, the brain begins to function differently.

You've been out for several years. What inspired you to return to active life?
The desire to develop. On the nose the year 2020, and many people are stuck in the early 2000s, and are unable to get out. I have, indeed, been a break in a career that lasted several years. And once I said to myself: "Enough, this can't go on, I need development." If I see no progress if routine sucks me, I try to change something in your life. I remember I was very inspired by the song Let it go ("Let go") from the cartoon "the Cold heart". There are these words: "Let the storm continues to rage, I cold not a hindrance, I will move forward."These lines were still lingering in my head. And I thought, "Dude, you know what, I think you podzavis, it's time to move on!"

And what was the reason of break in your career? 
I had to reboot. I'm inclined to the analysis and soul-searching, I had to spend a lot of time to cheer myself up and remind myself that my name is already a brand that I like Oreo cookies in the world – best of the best. (Smiles.) But while you take a break, your place is immediately occupied by new authors, new artists. I listened to young people – trying to understand what kind of music plays in my ears, and how I need to change his style to stay afloat. And you know what I realized? The brain is too complicated. No need to think. To do as you feel. I already have his signature, recognizable sound. I just continue to do things that appeals to me - just simplify the form to be clear and modern.

That is, the creative crisis has not spared you a party?
For me music is a feeling. I have to love what you do. so I needed time to be alone and rediscover yourself.

It is true that in that period you suffered from dependence on pain medications?
Sometimes the pills help, but they also kill you. You go to the dentist and he prescribes you powerful painkillers. Drugs can cause cravings because they give you a false sense of euphoria and invincibility that I want to experience again and again. It is important not to overdo it. With God's help, I managed to avoid it. The Lord is always with me and I distinctly heard his voice that kept saying, "You have to change yourself and your life." He helped me to cope. I often think that music is like my favorite woman.And one day I said to her, "Look, baby, I'm leaving you, because I entered the world of addiction, because I did not hear you because he was confused in myself." Without music everything else in my life began to crumble. But now we, I and music, breathing again in unison.

And you are in great creative form! Speech at the international music awards BraVo in Moscow – a direct proof.
For me even the invitation to the BraVo award has become a kind of sign, some message. So we music again allies. BraVo brings together different genres – modern and classic. When I watched the concert, I caught myself thinking that the music kind of speaks to me: "Never doubt yourself, do all that depends on you. You are music, you are every genre - that's why you're here."

Any plan to release a new album?
Yes, but it's not just an album in the traditional sense. Rather, the playlist. Too much stuff I want to show, too many want to cover genres from Latin to African motifs. I am sure that the success will be comparable to the success of my album Shock Value, which I released in 2007. Only this time the Shock Value will be the Millenium, because the work on the tracks I want to bring in the Millennials, people born in the beginning, those who now dictates of musical fashion. Here is the idea of movement in step with the times really turns me on!

Your daughter Reign just belongs to a generation of Millennials. She is now 11. She listens to your music?
My baby Reign(Smiles.) She loves music, but she is very critical. I always try to surprise, because Rhine is my most stringent listener. She usually terse: "Dad, thank you! But I don't like". (Laughs.) It's awfully hard to please her. But I'm not giving up and each time trying to impress her again and again.

Do You want reign to follow in your footsteps and became an artist?
She has all the makings. She knows how to get her way, she is able to charm the teachers, so that they put her good grades. In addition, the Rhine is an amazing memory: I can sing once a part of the song, and she'll remember the words by heart. I think that it will connect its future with creativity. Not sure she will be a musician. Rather, the artist. The Rhine is the ability to draw. But what I really like daughter is the fact that it does not deviate from his. She will always find a way to solve a particular problem, offer a bunch of ideas on how to get out of a difficult situation.She doesn't hear the word "no." And I'm struggling to teach her to never give up. The Rhine now goes with me on athletic training – I want to be her living example, I want to teach her to work hard.

During your career, you have worked with so many international celebrities. What kind of cooperation most proud of?
Can't single anyone out. All is OK! Honored to work with the world's best musicians. When you are together in one room and start creative, the magic happens. Each artist is a separate story. And absolutely everyone with whom I worked, gave me delight, I got a real "wow-effect" from cooperation. Jay-Z, for example, he writes, but comes up with great ideas tracks; Justin Timberlake is a first – class melodist; Nick Jonas at all robot is composing hits like lightning. And I, as a producer, you see that these people in my eyes are making history.It's worth it.

And Pharrell Williams do you have relationship? You are competing? You also often work with the same artists. 
No competition. It is for me as a family member. He has a wonderful gift of Providence, Chuikov. You know, he's like the wizard of Oz in the fairy tale, will always show you the way on the yellow brick road, will receive, prompt. I have immense respect for him. Farrell is a true leader. We often consult with each other and both value our friendship.

You and Justin Timberlake planning new projects?
Justin is now on tour. But I'm sure we'll write him another album. I think it will be as good as FutureSex/LoveSounds. Remember, every song was a hit – Sexy Back, What Goes Around Comes Around... We are very thin creatively each other feel and over the years have only strengthened that connection.

On March 10, you had a birthday. How did you celebrate?
Just lie idle in his yard.

Do You Love birthdays?
Every day is your birthday. You Wake up in the morning, inhale the fragrance of flowers, hear the birds singing – and it is happiness. Of course, the day you were born, is a special holiday, but I can't distinguish it somehow from the rest of the days in a year. This time I chose to stay at home, listen to your favorite music, enjoy the ocean, near which I live, to feel its calmness and grandeur.

And what do you wish yourself in your birthday?
To meet the next birthday in the same filled and peaceful.

  • "I'm sure the more I work on myself the better my performance, the better my music.Everything is interconnected!"

  • "For some time I was in disharmony in the soul born sounds but they haven't found physical incarnation. I didn't have a connection with my music, I lived in discord with himself."