“Past Progressive” the new English album by Jane Zhang

Past Progressive” by jane Zhang is available on iTunesGoogle Play and Spotify.
At the time of writing the album has already entered the US iTunes Pop Album Chart and occupies the 21st ranking.
Here's all the 16 tracks with Production Credits From Timbaland, J-roc & Jim Beanz

1. Body First
2. Pull Me Up
3. Work for It (with Migos)
4. Battlefield (Timbaland)
5. 808
6. Work for It
7. Fighting Shadows (feat. Big Sean)
8. Think like a Man (J-roc Harmon & Jim Beanz)
9. Black Market (Jim Beanz)
10. Dust My Shoulders Off (Timbaland)
11. Adam and Eve (Timbaland & Jim Beanz)
12. Roll the Dice (Jim Beanz)
13. Lady Killer (Timbaland)
14. Angels and Harmony
15. Love Story
16. Balance Me Out 
(J-roc Harmon)

Via Jane Zhang Italia