If anyone knows what it takes to be a pop star, it’s Timbland.
The Grammy-winning super-producer has worked with everyone from Beyoncé to Madonna to Justin Bieber. He masterminded the music of Empire. And now he’s ready to mint a new star in the Lifetime reality series The Pop Game. He’ll work with five aspiring artists — some of whom have already amassed sizable followings online — to develop distinct vocal styles, collaborate in song creation, learn choreography, and command the attention of audiences.
Being a pop star is more than singing,” Timbaland explains. “It’s style, swag, and confidence.
One of the five young artists is Grant Landis, a 17-year-old from Joplin, Missouri, who takes a crack at performing in front of Timbaland and other producers in the exclusive preview below. Grant has completed two tours, written with country superstars Sugarland, and racked up millions of views on YouTube, but he still needs to prove he has chops in the studio. “I’m feeling pretty good without my guitar — kind of, a little bit,” the singer stammers. “It’s just really uncomfortable for me.” So can he hit the high notes and tug at heartstrings? Watch and see

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