Timbaland & TINK

For the Chicago-based Hip Hop/R&B multi-talented Tink, she follows in the footsteps of a long lineage of R&B power hitters in the house that Timbaland built. That’s the kind of pressure that bursts pipes and could crumble any veteran but the multitalented Chicago native has the poise of someone who has been here before. At just 21-years-old, Tink has successfully built a name and career for herself despite not having a proper debut album throughout her nearly five-year career.
Tink stopped by the DXHQ this past Thursday to discuss her latest mixtape Winter’s Diary 4 as well as the hold up with her debut album Think Tink.
“When I make music I want the fans to hear it the same day,” Tink exclaimed to the #DXLive panel of Editor-in-Chief Trent Clark, Justin “The Company Man” Hunte, and contributors Jake Rohn and Marcel Williams. “When you get signed and you’re working with a label and stuff like that you have deadlines and you have to meet certain schedules. So at times things can get crazy but if it were up to me I’d release everything the day I make it. That’s the type of vibe I get when I’m in the studio. I like timeless vibes. Music that you can drop in 2016 or 2020.” She went on to further explain, “Whenever the album [does drop]; if ever the album does drop, me and Tim we’ve been working very hard. The album is dope you feel me? It’s still sitting with Tim and when it comes out, if it does come out, people will definitely still feel good about it. It has that type of vibe,” she said.
She went on to explain the potential delays and how much quality and care Timbaland puts into everything he does.

“Timbaland is just a perfectionist. Work is never done. That’s the main thing. Timbaland is Timbo so his schedule is pretty crazy. The ball got rolling for it so fast that we were almost trying to play catch-up. I had already released four or five projects before I [signed with] Tim so people were already familiar [with me],” she broke down “You all know what he does for music. He likes to change and shift things – little tweaks here, little tweaks there – and he won’t stop until it’s perfect. You just have to really trust him.”
On a possible release date:
“Blow Tim up. If it was up to me, I would put that shit out like right now. I’m so ready. [But] in spite of that, more music to come. I’ve always been one to drop tapes no matter what’s going on. My fans can always find me dropping new music. I got some dope records coming out very very soon. Me and Jeremih were just in Chicago working. We have a dope record coming out. Me and Lil Herb [got a record coming out]. That’s big bro. We have a record coming out on Valentine’s Day. You guys heard it first.”
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