The Mosley Music Group Singer Nelly Furtado Finally Making Her Comback! Now She's Ready to Release her long A waited Sixth new album "THE RIDE", The Album is expected to drop in just a few months and people are buzzing after her first two singles were greeted with a warm reception.
Rolling Stone called “Pipe Dreams”, which you can listen to here, “dreamy and tender.” Bustle also applauded Furtado’s new music, saying: “If the rest of the album brings it like ‘Pipe Dreams’ and ‘Islands of Me’ bring it, we are in for a terrific ride.”
Check out The Tracklist Below:
01. "Cold Hard Truth"
02. "Flatline"
03. "Carnival Games"
04. "live"
05. "Paris sun"
06. "Sticks and Stones"
07. "Magic"
08. "Pipe Dreams
09. "Palaces"
10. "Tap Dancing"
11. "Right Road"
12. "Phoenix"

Nelly Furtado reveals the album 'THE RIDE', produced by John Congleton (known as work with st. Vincent), that hits stores in March 2017.