Timbaland is all about the future of sound. His new mixtape King Stays King puts him front and center with future-facing artists such as Young Thug, Migos, Rich Homie Quan, Tink and others. But the beat king also revealed a new movie/music project that is inspired by his life of sound crafting.
“It’s kinda like what would the world be if slavery never ended,” Timb attempted to explain the movie plot, “Me being the innovator of sound, I’m from the South and I’m free. I can’t tell you about the whole story. My name is Set and my partner’s name is Man-Man… It’s kinda like that movie that just came out called The Revenant. It’s like the evolution of Timbaland and like the gift of music and what it can make you do.”
As far as Opera Noir, this mysterious album/movie, Timb says he will take his time to make sure it’s right: “That to me is my Thriller. I will not rush into that.”
While the description of his movie project seems a bit hard to pin down, he did give a brief insight into the new album, Textbook Timbo, which he said is “back to the basics of me renaming and showing you…don’t ever think I fell off.”
But Timbaland’s big idea is his Sub Pack invention that straps onto the user’s back and vibrates the body as the music plays.
Timbaland wearing Subpac
“Everybody got headphones,” he said. “I want to be the first innovator on something that will revolutionize the world. So what I created was how you listen to music. How you go to the studio and hear music, I go to your office with this on and you gonna think you’re in the studio. You’re gonna feel like you’re back in the day with the system in your car when you put all the 15 subs in there.”