Nelly Furtado

After the huge success of the album "Loose", 
everyone is waiting for new music from Timbaland. Will you work with him again?

I love Timbaland, and we will always be friends, despite the fact that for several years did not see each other and talk on the phone.


I have no idea. We're just very intensively cooperated for artists is normal. But recently we have seen and it was a really good feeling. I'll be back to your question. I'm always looking for something new, I want to meet new people, try new things, to move with the times, to move forward, but sometimes I go back to old friends and comrades. My answer: "You never know what will happen in the future, we will see that it will bring us."
I'm working on a new album. At the moment, I collect ideas, write songs, experimenting. In the summer I will give several concerts. I just want to move on.

It's been three years since the last album, but when it comes out?

Hmm ... it is possible that in 2016.

It's because of the Art on Ice 2015?

Oh, nonsense! It was a super experience! I met new people! Switzerland and I like each time more! Since I can speak several languages ​​and have several different roots, I feel there is a native. For me, sometimes Spanish or Portuguese dearer than English. For example, in Lausanne. There has been a lot of Portuguese in the audience, and I however unwittingly began to speak in Portuguese.

You're talking with their parents in Portuguese?

Rarely. My mother insisted that we speak English. She wanted to speak it better. But I studied in the Portuguese night school.

The most charming moment in your career?

I like that song sang Caetano Veloso, it is called "O Leaozinho". He was in the hall, and as he is my favorite singer, it was for me something special.