Timbaland speaks on Music Business, Mosley Music, His New Projects 
And his latest executive produced Michael Jackson Record

Q: How Did You Get Started in The Music industry?
How Did Me Timbaland Mosley get started in the music business? I can't even tell you it was more like dream. you know like your a young kid, you meet people. i used to Dj, i love music.
you meet other people who love music and have a passion for it. so missy was the other person i met. when i met missy she said she was going to the jodeci concert and was going try to meet them backstage. so they go they really meet them backstage. 
so thats like "ok whatever i'm not going i am staying home." 
so they go they really meet them backstage. then next thing we know they were flying us up. 
so thats like, think about people that come up to you know. 
it was like a big dream everything happen. it was in god's plan.
he said he was going to call us. he really did call , he really flew them up . missy was like no i wanted to use Timbaland,
she vouched for me. i came up there and then we grinded it out.
then that was the moment i got to see a lot of things. things not to do. then that wasn't happening and that was our first bump to get to me it was really a dream, it was all in god's plan. everything we thought or imagined it really happend.

Q: Who Were Your Musical Influences ?
When i was growing up i was in fluenced by prince. i thought prince was ill, like who is this man on the horse naked. the sound was so good, i was a kid like who is this dude? 
so i went to see him in concert, i didn't know his style was a little much for me, like booty cheeks out. i'm like "ooh i don't want to see this." but you a fan of him so you don't really dwell on it. michael jackson was too. they both like a tie

Q: Do You Feel Like You're The Underdog In The Industry ?
I feel like even to the world a little bit, i feel like i am. but it might be me, it could be me because i don't really do to much. its a lot of politics in the game. its a lot of little things that make me feel like, you know. then when you do something amazing everybody comes on. you werw suppose to come on a couple years ago. But I guess thats just life.

Q: What Was It Like Working On Michael Jackson "Xscape" Album ?
You know what it was, it was just like the fact that its somebody i look up to he not here. i can't talk to him. i'm working with him when he is dead. so it's a lot of all that playing and you think about aaliyah. you think about a lot of things. like when 
working with michael jackson on the "Xscape" Album ithought it was cool but i didn't know how much of all it would take on me.
so sometimes i had to let it go, do something else and come back
to it. then when i came back it was like he was speaking to me through his vocal tracks. i could hear him talking to me. it was a cool moment.

Q: You Visited Johannesburg Recently, What Was That Experience Like For You ?
when i went to johannesburg what i saw in the african artist was
this guy named Reason. Reason is very dope!, then Reason turned me on to other people. i'm like man! its something different out here. But it can be translated in America in a hard way or cool way,they have different facial structures, different everything
so how they bounce is totally different, But they bounce how we bounce, but in their own way. so i felt like that was something that needed to be shared with the world. that was my take on johannesburg with them partying and everything it was great!

Q: Are You Working On Any New Projects For This Year ?
maybe not this year, i have new project. But I don't have them coming this year because it may be to rushed. But it will be prepaed for this year. Not just my thing but the whole organization.

Q: What Can The Fans Expect From Your New Project ?
I Don't Want to call it project. I want to call it this new journey i am about to take with life, with my family, with my new music. I feel Like I am about to do something where I tie the knot. to where i start setting up on EMPIRE, Where i find young producers, young people who got the niche. And I go and give them
the boost. i find the new "NEW" for the future. which i have a son that's 21, so i have to find what his niche. i have to set up the future, you know what i am saying for our children and for generations on then when we die we feel like its a new journey for me. the new journey is me finding my Beyonce, Me finding my new Aaliyah, Nelly Furtado, Lady Gaga. and Me controling it. I feel like i have all three right now. 

Q: Describe The Music Today ? 
Its a new fresh of breath air of newness. it's what everybody's going to want to go to next year. most of them are like 19, its the "NEW". what people are doing now is old.

Q: What's The New Empire for 2000  ?
Puff built his Empire, He Building different things. what is the new empire of music and other things coming out of the generation
of 2000. I feel like before I leave this earth to be a big mark on the future. its like if people say i'm the man when i came out. being the man is controlling the past and now. what i am trying to do this time around is make a historical moment. i'm bringing unity, black elegance back. the black superstar that goes pop. that charisma like Jackie Robinson.

Q: How Involved Are You On Social Media ?
I got my Instagram @Timbaland , I have people who run it. i don't get on it myself. I treat social media how i would treat the charts when i was doing music.

Q: What Advice Would You Give The Young Entrepreneur's ?
Trust in God that's number one. Two, Timing is Everything, having
Patience is key to success. You Can rush something by being young
But you can walk in the wrong path, if you can sit and wait, if you can hold out you will be alright. That's The Most advice I can Giveto the entrepreneurs.