Timbaland revealed that his new album will be called Opera Noir’ 
which stands for Black Opera, Tim Canceled His Project Textbook Timbo so we probably won't be able to hear "BEEN IT" Or "BOUNCEThats not the 1st time Timbo Cancel a Project of his own, Shock Value 3 Project Also been Canceled, It Seems Timbo create albums every year with a different sound but he can't decide which project to release That's Why He Never released an Album in the past 4 years, so you can put Textbook Timbo & Shock Value 3 as two unreleased Albums, so probably we're getting Textbook Timbo Next Year which means 2nd Album in 2015

Opera Noir, Also a result of Tim discovering a New Artist Her Name is 
V Bozeman, But While he has so many famous friends, don't expect 
many features on his fourthcoming album, Tim Said : 
" Me and my new artist, her name is V, Just me and her and CeeLo
..That's it."

Finally Tim describe his new album By Saying: 

"when Opera Noir comes out and you see the whole package, you'll 
understand why. you'll see it, and you'll be like, WOW! I've Never
 seen Nothing Like This." 

Source: REVOLT TV 

could really tim get hisOpera Noir LP to reach Platinum ? 
with only two artists helping him out ?

more info will come out soon on http://TextbookTimbo.com, stay tuned OPERA NOIR