On Friday (April 23), Khaled took to his socials to announce that he's "99% done" with his upcoming album, titled Khaled Khaled, but he's working on some "last minute magic" from Justin Timberlake. "THE VOCALS IS IN!" Khaled yells repeatedly at the top of his lungs as he jogs and jumps in the pool in a new video, celebrating JT's submission.

Meanwhile, Bieber is also involved in the new Khaled project. It remains to be seen if both Justins appear on one song, but according to an Instagram post, they did team up to FaceTime Khaled -- only to get no answer.

"I’m so stressed out in a good way mixing and mastering this album I missed the legendary FaceTime of the ICONS @justinbieber and @justintimberlake," Khaled captioned the post of the missed call. "My brothers I’m gonna call you back! I’m mixing BOTH of y’all’s VOCALS! @justinbieber I just got done with the mix a few days ago get ready for mastering!"

Khaled did eventually get Timberlake on FaceTime, where the singer calls the hitmaker "the best A&R in the game."

"The timing right now, and what you sent me, and where I'm at in my life -- and I know it's where you're at in your life," Timberlake tells Khaled. "We've been knowing each other for a long time. ... This record touched me. This is an important song."