The Timbaland Discography Productions Of The 2020 had a very good vibes, since the world is living through pandemic Timbo and his team did great job, so here's the most Likeable Productions that we chose: 

"I Wanna Dance With Somebody
"Hummer Limo"  
"Back To The Streets"
"Bad Little Darling"
"I Kill For Fun"  
"Found You"
"Dumb Things"
"Wetin Dey Sup"
"Has A Meaning"
"Been Away"
"Bounce Photo"


"I think that it’s crazy we’re in a pandemic and a systemic race war. It’s a lot going on. But at the same time I just feel like the world was going to explode sooner or later. And I feel like with us being locked down, it made everybody pay attention to a lot of things that were getting swept under the rug. So it has a silver lining. I think now we’re taking responsibility for the bad in the world that we’ve been overlooking because we live our lives day to day, always on the go. But sometimes being on the go is not the move. Sometimes we need to sit back and reflect on what’s really the problems of the world. So I believe this was actually a wake-up call." -- Timbaland