A teenager from South Louisville is making major moves in the music industry.
MarzzOfficiall is a singer and songwriter who recently recorded a new rhythm and blues song with Timbaland.

“When I’m in the studio, Marzz comes alive,” MarzzOfficial said. “I go into beast mode. That's where I’m at my state. I feel like can’t nobody take that away from me. It’s really where I find myself.”
The duo has only been working together for a few months, but they have been busy.
They shared a sneak peek at the artist’s soon-to-be-released song “So Frequently.” It features Timbaland.

“Timbaland wants to work with me, bro? Little old me? I had to come to state where it's like, this is destiny,” she said, regarding her reaction. “God works in mysterious ways. He allowed that to come in place because he knew what both of us were capable of.”