Timbaland takes time to answer fans' questions On Twitter with the Hashtag #TimboTalk, He Answerd to Important Questions that might interest you, Let's Check it out:

What’s Your Go To DAW During The Process Of Creating?

Will You Be in The "ATL" Anytime Soon?
for revolt summit! Make sure you get your tickets it's gonna be dope!

Are You Going To Reactivate Timbaland Thursdays?

...I'm thinking about it

Do You Wanna See The 757 Become A Music Magnet Like NY, LA or ATL Eventually?

I want to see more of a museum that showcases the history of music from the 757

If You Could Choose The Best Era of Music to Live in, Which Era Would You Choose? 70s, 80s, 90s, Or This Current Era? And Why?

Maybe the 90's because the 90's replicated the 70's and 80's together, but I probably wouldn't choose an era because it's always dope to see music evolve!

if You Could go Back And re-release One Of Your Singles With a New Mix What Would it Be?

it would be cool to hear Up Jumps Da' Boogie remixed with a trap beat

What Happened to Textbook Timbo, And for The Record This Would Be The Best Era to Pull Off Shock Value 3?

I might evolve Textbook Timbo into something different than what it was originally gonna be i Don't Know yet

Do You Like To Hear Artist go Back And Freestyle Over Your Tracks?
yea it shows how a song lives on over time!

You've Worked with So Many Legends...Aaliyah, Missy, Ginuwine, JT, etc.... Who are Some Of The New Artists Who You'd Want To Produce And Create With?

It's so many new artists like Post MalonefutureSwaeLeeAriana Grande
the list goes on and on..everything is timing

Is The New Keri Hilson Project going To Change The Sound Of Music As We Know it? Again?

Anything is possible

Do You Think You'll Ever Ditch The Computer And go Back To Using The ASR-10 and/or MPC?

I think i'll always mess with ASR because that's what I started with but it depends on what project i'm working on and the feel i'm going for

What Advice Would You Give To an Up And Coming Artist Or Producer, That You Wish Someone Had Given To You When You Started ?

I think i was given good advice, but coming from the VA and not knowing what fame was really like always reminded me to know my place and never get caught up in the game. It's the gift of giving and making people feel good that is truly what it's about

Where and/or What Studios Did you Record And Produce Albums, Tim’s Bio and Indecent Proposal- w/ Magoo?

Indecent Proposal was in Virginia and Tim's Bio was in Manhattan and part of Virginia

Will You Ever Collab With Nelly Furtado Again?

It all depends when she's ready I always wanna collab with somebody that I created magic with

Any African Artists you Wanna Work With?


Whats Your Favorite Sound, For Making Beats? Do You Have a fav. Snare, hi hat, Drum?
I don't really have a fav one it depends on the texture of the song, i do know the drums and chords have to match because that's what kinda gives it its sound. You might have a go to hi hat that starts the song but again it depends on the feeling

Which is Your Favorite Song You Produced For Nelly’s Loose Album?

I think the whole album is incredible

What Was it Like In The Legendary Basement Days?

I would consider it like going to boarding school and camp it helped make us who we are today

Will You Ever Collab With Justin Timberlake Again?
Soon cuz he's living life to have new experiences to write and make music to!!!

Who Are Some Of Your influences?
Prince / Dr. Dre / Teddy Riley / Quincy Jones / Gamble and Huff

Do You Plan On Telling Your Story Either Through A Book Or Biopic?
You can read my book "The Emperor of Sound: A Memoir"

I’m Afraid To Put Myself Out There As An Artist & To Release Music That I’ve Been Working On, Any Advice?
First off you can't be afraid, as a true artist you have to take the leap of faith no matter what is going through your head