Timothy I took your place Timothy cuz such a waste Timothy we found your spaceship Timothy it's the farthest you've ever flown [Timbaland] Put your lighters up Put your lighters up ya'll (ya'll) Put your lighters up This the Timothy song if ya don't bout me Ya they call me Tim VA's phenomenon I kill em all winter Until the summer come From just another name All the way to number one And I'm simply the best When it's all said and done Remember when me and Magoo was tryin to make a meal Well we did And years later we got it still Gave you my bio Under construction 1 and 2 Hundred percent genuine That was from me to you I'm makin moves while they ridicule I'm like a warm summer breeze in the swimmin pool I'm cool I never kept it basic I been so many places Been gettin money since them honeys had them small faces So many little me's I can hear small traces But I just ignore it Cuz I'm too big for it And I can hear 'em screamin (screamin) Chorus[Jet] Timothy where have you been It's not what it seems but it is Timothy where have you been She cried in the kitchen to let you go Timothy where have you been [Timbaland] I been in Athens, Georgia by way of Bubba Sparxx When the nights was bright And all the days was dark But now they all bright Everything is all right If you assumin life was wonderful Then you alright I got a bad wife 3 beautiful kids I make the world dance Ya look what I done did Here's for Jay-Z Nelly Furtado Catch up Ya'll slow Escargot Nelly your 14 mil Where's Fargo? I brought a airplane F*ck I need a car for? Ask Justin Timberlake is Timbaland great Ya'll gotta deal wit me No handshake Stand up N*gga Rather have a stand off Wit the law before I let 'em say I ran off And I can hear 'em screamin Chorus Hey some say I run away But really I never left They wonder where I been But they can never guess I been around the world Here to the other side And I successfully achieved what all those others tried Carry my city on my back Like a crucifix For more than a decade Cuz I can do this sh*t A lot of people want my spot But I don't hesitate The track label by legacy Won't appreciate I stand strong Everything I put my hands on Me and Mr. I-Be Cuz ain't no I in team Cuz I can hear 'em sayin
Chorus x2