The Timbaland Discography Productions Of The 2018 it was Not bad, the tracks were good but not very impressive, but the most Likeable Productions for Us were "Filthy" And "Say Something" , "8th Grade", "Already" , "Run It" , "What's The Play" , "Too Much" and finally  "Come Over Remix"

We still don't know what style Timbo will depend on next year. This year Timbo relied heavily on his team in most songs. So, will he come back with a new sound or will he continue to rely on his Team Timbo next year? 

Check out the full Discography Productions Of The 2018 below:

Fans are not happy with what the king has done in the past two years ...
Missy's next album will tell us a lot and will be a challenge for our legendary producer for sure.