Aaliyah Haughton‘s global impact is simply undeniable. The songstress still holds a significant spot in many R&B lovers’ hearts due to her talent, her vocal range and her charm. With momentum growing organically for the Aaliyah x MAC collection, the beauty company officially unveils a film titled A-Z of Aaliyah. All the facets of her are showcased expertly in the visual created in collaboration with i-D and The Haughton Family.

In celebration of the forthcoming launch, the series looks to the pop culture moments in the singer’s career to shed light on how she captivated fans and listeners. The alphabetical guide is paired with a new age format which consists of archival footage and vignettes of Aaliyah’s close friends, Missy Elliot and TimbalandAdditionally, numerous black creatives are featured throughout the visual as dancers and performance artists. For generations to come, the world will continue to be enamored by Aaliyah’s immense grace under pressure and her iconic tomboy style.