Timbaland‘s latest protégé TINK made us think of the slew of talent that he has had a hand in mentoring and producing. What’s his track record? Whatever happened to so-and-so? Who’s still pursuing the dream? And whom did I forget about until they turned up on a reality show? Get ready for all those questions and more to be answered right now.
Here is a list of Timbo's protégés, along with a little info one where they’ve been and how far they’ve come.

Keri Hilson


Introduced: 2004

Albums: In a Perfect World (2009), No Boys Allowed (2011)

Hit Singles: “Turnin Me On,” “Pretty Girl Rock”

While the world hashtags #PoorMichelle, it has no such compassion for Keri Hilson. The infamous Ms. Keri Baby got her start as a writer and background singer for producer Anthony Dent. Later, she wrote songs for Britney Spears and Mary J. Blige as part of production and songwriting team The Clutch and worked with Polow da Don.Keri soon caught the attention of Timbaland and was signed to his Mosley Music Group label, continuing to write and sing hooks. After achieving solo success with the Lil' Wayne-assisted single “Turnin Me On,” Keri got a little beside herself with fame and called out a certain R&B diva on the remix, which wasn’t well received. Since then, she’s been working hard to overcome the backlash. While Keri released a second album, No Boys Allowed, it failed to live up to expectations and we’re still waiting on a third. However, some would say no matter how her career goes, she calls basketball player Serge Ibaka bae, so maybe she doesn’t deserve anyone’s pity after all

Bubba Sparxxx

Introduced: 2001
Albums: Dark Days, Bright Nights (2001), Deliverance (2003), The Charm (2006), Pain Management (2013), Made on McCosh Mill Road (2014)
Hit Singles: "Ugly," "Deliverance," "Ms. New Booty "
Noteworthy Factoid: After hitting the weights and losing weight, Bubba looks younger now than he did in 2001.
While a number of bands, most famously REM, got their start in Athens, GA, you’d be hard pressed to name any hip-hop acts coming from this corner of the dirty south. Except, that is, Bubba Sparxxx. A Georgia Boy by birth, Bubba learned about rap music through mixtapes his neighbor received from NYC. After creating a buzz for himself at the University of Georgia, Timbaland scooped him up for his Beat Club label.
His first album, Dark Days, Bright Nights, was certified gold, and Bubba seemed to be on the fast track to superstar status, showing up on Saturday Night Live, late night talk shows, being featured in the Def Jam: Fight for NY and Madden NFL 2004 video games and even collaborating with the production team behind Girls Gone Wild to shoot two DVDs detailing the life of a big rap star. However, his second album, Deliverance, which was critically acclaimed, failed to sell. After leaving Timbo, Sparxxx found his greatest musical success with the down south ass-shaking anthem “Ms. New Booty,” featuring such memorable lines as, “booty booty booty booty rockin’ everywhere!”
We later learned that Mr. Sparxxx, while getting the musical high of his career, was also getting high on opiates. Severely addicted at the time, Bubba spent years in and out of rehab. Sparxxx couldn’t balance the life of celebrity with sobriety and decided the best thing to do was to go live on a farm and take a step back from it all. Since then, he’s returned doing music and has also been hitting the weight room.

Ms. Jade
Introduced: 2002
Albums: Girl Interrupted (2002)
Hit Singles: “Ching Ching”
Noteworthy Factoid:  Surprised Jay Z was on Ms. Jade’s first album? So was she. Timbaland didn’t let her know about the features on her own album.
Ms. Jade lucked up on a chance meeting with Missy through her management and rapped for Timbaland over speakerphone. The next thing the Philly rapstress knew, she was trading lyrics with Da Brat and Missy on “Slap! Slap! Slap!” off the Miss E...So Addictivealbum, soon followed up with her own 2002 album, Girl Interrupted. Jade had an album full of phenomenal beats (that a number of other rappers used for mixtapes), guest spots from Jay Z, Missy and Nate Dogg and a hit single with Nelly Furtado. However, like most of the artists on Tim’s fledgling Beat Club label, the album failed to succeed commercially, both from a lack of promotion and the growing pains of a new artist finding their voice.
While Ms. Jade kept her comments about Missy and Timbaland pretty friendly after the break up, a few years later she had less than kind words to say about her former mentors, especially Missy, who she feels jacked her 'round the way girl look. Today, Ms. Jade is still rapping, releasing mixtapes and an EP called Beautiful Mess and working with fellow Philly MC Nina Ross, forming the rap duo Thelma & Louise.

Kiley Dean
Introduced: 2003
Albums:  Simple Girl (unreleased), Changes (2010)
Hit Singles: None
Noteworthy Factoid: Originally from Arkansas, Kiley followed the Mickey Mouse path to stardom, moving to Orlando and catching the attention of Britney Spears.
Who remembers this blue-eyed soul songstress? Kiley Dean got her start singing backup for Britney Spears on her first two tours. After meeting Tim during a GRAMMY telecast, the singer was signed to Timbaland’s Beat Club Record label. But while the LA Timesproclaimed that Kiley had conquered urban radio, the truth was far less exciting for her. After two singles and no success, her “debut” album, Simple Girl, was shelved.
Undeterred, Kiley signed with Mathew Knowles’ Music World Entertainment in 2007, but she left after six months. Dean finally released an album, Changes, digitally on ReverbNation, and continues to sing back up for stars like New Kids On The BlockMatthew Morrison and Madonna.

Introduced: 2005
Albums: None
Hit Singles: None
Notable Acts: D.O.E. changed his rap name from John Doe after his label, Interscope, judged it too generic.
Pop Quiz! What does D.O.E. stand for? If you said “Dominant Over Everyone,” you’d be right. Originally know as John Doe, the Queens rapper was signed to Timbaland’s Beat Club label. However, when the imprint folded, he was sent back to the locker room with the rest of Timbaland’s ghostwriters until Tim started his new label, the Mosley Music Group. Still, D.O.E. remained on the bench as Tim focused on projects by other artists.
While D.O.E. wrote for Tim and was a regular feature on album tracks, he finally got his big break on the hit “The Way I Are” off of Timbaland’s Shock Value album, and even got to perform the song on an episode of ABC’s One Life to Live. While D.O.E. has worked with everyone from Robin Thicke to Brandy and has consistently dropped mixtapes, he still has yet to drop an actual LP.

Introduced: 2005
Albums: None
Hit Singles: None
Noteworthy Factoid: Known primarily for rap, Attitude also co-wrote Keri Hilson’s single, “Breaking Point.”
Attitude’s name is probably familiar with fans of Timbaland. He’s been part of Tim’s Beat Club crew of ghostwriters for years, writing verses on “Say Something,” “Give It to Me” and Nelly Furtado’s “Promiscuous,” and he is prominently featured on the Shock Value albums.
The Alabama MC made a name for himself on the independent scene and bounced between various rap cliques such as DJ Drama’s Aphilliates Music Group and Bubba Sparxxx's 11th Hour Entertainment, which led to his meeting Tim, which then led to a new hustle writing songs for both Tim and Sean “Diddy” Combs. However, besides releasing a few mixtapes, he’s failed to achieve solo stardom. Recently, Attitude formed a group with actor Jason Weaver and fellow musician Sky Keeton called the Triangle Sound Project and released their first single, “We Like Em All,” in spring 2014.

Introduced: 2000
Albums: None
Hit Singles: None
Noteworthy Factoid: Timbaland once suffered a debilitating gunshot wound to the chest while working at Red Lobster. Sebastian helped nurse his big bro back to health.
Garland Mosley, better known as Sebastian, the younger brother of Timbaland, has been a fixture of Tim’s career since the very beginning. Timbo took Sebastian under his wing while touring in the '90s. He later became part of Tim’s crew of ghostwriters, contributing to most of his brother's albums and being featured on some of his biggest hits, including “All Ya’ll” and “The Way I Are,” and even scoring writing credits for “On the Run (Part II)” for Jay Z and “Grown Woman” for Beyoncé. However, when it comes to launching his own career, things have been as “Wobbley” as his first single. While he’s been threatening to release his album, Cruel Intentions, we’re still waiting for him to finally make good on his promise

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