Timbaland is looking for his Thriller. In a revealing new interview with Rolling Stone, the influential producer got candid about his legacy and what he's doing now to help the new wave of creatives find their voice. Timbo also discussed what he describes as a near-death OxyContin overdose, which occurred during some of the most tumultuous years of his life. "I was on drugs, dude," said Timbaland, who started taking pain meds in his 30s due to nerve issue stemming from a gunshot injury he sustained as a teen. "I was on OxyContin." Timbaland said his Oxy use eventually got out of control. Simultaneously, his presence on the charts started to take a dive and his marriage started falling apart. "The pills helped block out the noise," he said. "I'd just sleep all day." At one point, Timbaland remembered, Jay Z suggested he avoid doing interviews because he had started saying "crazy shit."