You are working again with Justin Timberlake. Do you feel pressure to top the groundbreaking success of the last album you produced for him?

Timbaland: I mean, there is a lot of pressure because, you know, JT is JT. There’s just a lot of pressure when you [make an album that] opens the door for everyone else to come in. So, people look at us like the gatekeeper, and we’re like “Okay, what’s the next gate we gotta go through?” And it’s a little hard, but we just go by what we feel.

Timbaland told the mag..."My connection with Justin is very deep, Just because I like what’s in his brain, and he likes what’s in my brain. And our process is we just sit around, talk and vibe, catch up on life. All the while, the musical equipment is hooked up, and we play little sounds until we find something and go, ‘Ooh! Let’s do that.’ When a sound stops the conversation, that’s where we start." via Music Connection

JTimberlake: I would not say that I’m making a country albumBut I also don’t like to say that I’m making an R&B album. 
He continued : I did work with Little Big Town but that was because they were working with Pharrell. I have been in the studio with Pharrell, I have been in the studio with Max Martin, I have been in the studio with TimbalandAnd If 20/20 sounded like it literally surrounds your entire head, this stuff feels more like it just punches you between the eyes.