Over the weekend, Colombian superstar Maluma hit the recording studio with Timbaland. That's a really big deal, especially considering Maluma is aiming to crossover into the US music market – there's not many people that could help facilitate that better than Tim.
Next in line to lend a hand? Quite possibly Justin Timberlake. Maluma shared a photo of him with JT today (July 25) and captioned it "Ahora sí puedo morir tranquilo," which means he can die happily now. As you're well aware, Timbaland and Timberlake have collaborated together on all of JT's solo records.

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 Perhaps the two just ran into each other and there's no song in the works; the Felices Los 4 singer tagged the location of the photo to the Empire State Building. That just doesn't make sense. Why would JT and Maluma randomly hang out unless there's something in the works? JT is too busy golfing and being a dad. Right? RIGHT?

via Breatheheavy