In an interview with Entertainment WeeklyTimbaland revealed secrets about his work as a producer and featured stories involving Beyoncé.

According to him, the creative process of the album visual "BEYONCÉ", released in 2013, was "one of the biggest events in music that has never been televised." To produce the disk, Beyoncé joined all of the contributors in a sort of boot camp.

Timbaland, who has worked with artists such as Jay Z and Justin Timberlake to the making of the work of the singer, said that the process was peaceful and ôrganico. "Yoncé, the intro of Partition, came about when Timberlake began to pound in a bucket", he said.

To the unhappiness of the fans, the producer also confirms that there is not a version 'full' of the song, unlike that indicate the rumors.

Beyoncé does not sing for the producers, according to him. "She enters the room to her with a sound engineer and closes the door".