Is Timbaland Married?
No, Timbaland is not married. In 2013, he ended his marriage with Monique Idlett after being together for five years. Following their separation, she asked for child support and alimony which made the headlines on multiple tabloids; the two had originally started dating in 2008.
It is unknown whether or not the record producer had any prior relationships.
Does Timbaland Have Any Children?
Yes, Timbaland has a nine year old daughter named Reign Mosley whom he had with his ex-wife, Monique. Judging from what he’s said about her in a recent interview, it looks like she has inherited some of his father’s musical instincts. In Timbaland’s own words, “[she] is the better version of [him”.
Did Timbaland Go to College?
No, Timbaland did not go to college, After graduating from Salem High School in Virginia Beach, where he met his music partner Magoo, he devoted his time entirely to his career as a budding recording artist.
Where did Timbaland get his Name From?
According to reports, he received his current stage name "Timbaland” from DeVante Swing, the leader of a hip hop crew he used to be a part of. Allegedly, "Timbaland” is derived from a mispronunciation of the Timberland shoe brand.
Contrary to popular belief, Timbaland has no association with the Timberland company.
Where Does Timbaland Live? Pictures of Timbaland’s House
The musician currently lives in Pinecrest, Florida. In 2013, he listed his luxurious Miami condo for sale for a whopping $5.5 million. Located in Miami Beach, Timbaland originally purchased the propety for $2.625 million back in 2006. Recently renovated at the time, it boasted three bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms.
Since he sold his old man, he has presumably moved into an even grander house, although details are not available at this moment.
What Kind of Car Does Timbaland Drive?
Currently, Timbaland drives a white Rolls Royce Phantom which is valued at approximately $500,000. Boasting supreme performance, it comes complete with a mahogany wood lining and leather seats.
Timbaland as a Philanthropist
In January 2016, Timbaland donated the proceeds of his Detriot show, part of his King Stays King Tour, to help provide clean water for Flint residents who did not have access to clean and safe water in their homes.
At one point, he also teamed up with Timberland footwear to help provide free footwear for underprivledged individuals. Within three years, they had donated over 75,000 pairs.
Timbaland’s Career Accomplishments
One of the most successful music producers and rappers in the country, Timbaland’s career has only continued to grow rapidly over the past few years. A platinum-selling artist, his work has earned him countless industry awards including four Grammys for Best Dance Recording and Best R&B Song, among eighteen nominations. To date, his collection of accolades also includes four Teen Choice Awards (e.g. Choice Summer Track, Choice R&B and Hip Hop Track, Choice Rap Artist) and a People’s Choice Award (e.g. Favorite Hip Hop Song).
Timbaland Net Worth & How Wealthy is He Now ? 
How much money has he managed to rake in these past few years? In 2011, rumors had it that Timbaland brought home an alleged $5 million (which really isn’t all too surprising considering the level of success that he’s attained). In 2012, this amount increased to $6.5 million, before going up once again to $8.6 million in 2014. By the end of 2015, it was estimated that his earnings was around the $10 million range.
What about his overall fortune? In 2012, his net worth was said to be around the $48 million mark. With his continual success as a musician, this later grew to $68 million by the end of 23- marking an increase of 30%! By 2014, his wealth was estimated to be $73 million. As of 2017, Timbaland is estimated to be worth a whopping $85 million.