Drake, who is very much not dead, is working on Views From The 6, and in a recent interview, Timbaland neither confirmed nor denied that he is involved with the album, although he certainly implied that he was.
The interviewer asked Timbaland, “Are you on Drake’s Views From the 6,” to which he replied, “I could be.” When pushed for an elaboration, Timbaland responded, “I don’t know, who knows. [Laughs] Ask him, he might tell you.”
Timbaland also said that “you can’t compete with Drake,” meaning that trying to make similar music will only result in an inferior product:
“I look at him like he could be related to me because he’s part of music. That boy’s doing a good job. You can’t compete with Drake because he got it. You gotta shock people in another way. I think Timbaland and Young Thug is more shocking than Drake. Because you know what Drake is. But you never saw what Timbaland and Thug is. You never saw what Timbaland and Rich Homie Quan is. You never saw what Timbaland and Migos can do. You’ll be like, “You see the difference between what Timbaland did [compared to the old]?” That will be the talk. And that will be a “View,” along with his Views. You gotta find a way to stand beside that dude.”

Timbaland also revealed that he is working on a new album, and that he might be dropping a free mixtape in the near future.